A few days ago, Le & I thought it’d be a great idea if we rolled at Gameworks on the strip.
Gameworks is probably one of the hugest arcades you’ll ever see. Srsly.

So we took a couple green 1up mushrooms and just expected a bomb roll.
Instead, we came to realize that shit was laced with LSD.

We did an accidental candyflip over at the strip!
Whaaaat :0 

I distinctively remember going down the escalators to Gameworks and I looked over to Le,
saw some visuals when he moved his hair…
and I was just like “Ummm…I think I’m having mild hallucinations.”

It was crazy but I enjoyed it. I feel like I can handle hallucinogens when I’m rolling because
I’m so sensitive to any form of negativity when I’m on hallucinogens alone. The roll kept me positive and yet I still saw crazy shit. I mean, I’m not talking about seeing purple unicorns or nothing like that.

What I saw was visual patterns around me like the walls, zoomed in vision when I looked at skin, and when something moves, I usually saw a trail that followed it.

The only bad things about that night were that gameworks was pretty hot. Got us sweating.
I assumed it was only the effects from the thizzles though because everyone else there seemed fine and when we walked around, we could feel a slight breeze. Its just that whenever we got into a game, the lights surrounding it plus our complete concentration made us sweat. Ugh.

Another bad thing was that we did acid on the STRIP. When I’m on the strip SOBER I still hate it. Tourists and drunk obnoxious people isn’t really my cup of coffee. Plus I already think that the strip and the people walking around in it are ugly enough. Acid did not make it prettier. Everyone’s faces just seemed like there was a bad story behind it. Sadness, frustration, just…evil.

If you’re visiting Vegas, please refrain yourself from acting like a drunk obnoxious fool.
Can you people imagine how locals must feel all the time? People from all over the world, coming here mainly just to party. European tourists are the worst though. Taxi drivers are next. Rudeness. You will never know my pain until you’ve worked on the strip. Yikes. This is why Hawaii is 10x better than Vegas any day. I’d love to just do a short trip outta Vegas. Idc where I go as long as its not here. Cali sounds good. Most people in cali have a better attitude than Vegas too. Vegas is like california’s ass. LOL Forreal.

Anyways, I’m done talking shit about Vegas. Haha. Back to my acid story.
Pfft Yeah… it was crazy. Would I do it again? Definitely but I want a way better environment. More nature-y. This trip made me feel like my mind is on another level. A mature-er level that has a better grasp on keeping my trips good. Mind control. When things got outta control for me, I just imagine myself stepping out of first person POV and go into 3rd person. See myself on the outside. Then for some reason I picture two sides. One is good and the other bad.
& I just keep telling myself to just keep positive and that I can handle this. It really worked for me.
What was crazy was that after my trip, I got zero sleep then went to work right after. :0
But I was fine. I handled it.

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